Tweet-free Christmas

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Tweet-free Christmas

Selah - 3 months old

I am so blessed to have family.  Not just my family, but a new family that became mine when I met my wife.  I was also blessed to have time to spend with not just one family this Christmas, but both sides.  It meant a lot of traveling and since I am paranoid about crime after doing a story about social media and crime I did not tweet for most of the week before and week of Christmas.   Don’t worry I saved my more poignant thoughts.

  • “Traveling with the baby for the first time ever.  This should be easy”  (before leaving the house)
  • “Traveling with the baby is insane” (after packing the car with the entire nursery)
  • “Dallas would be more fun if traffic during the day was as smooth as traffic at night.
  • “Never staying anywhere but Comfort Suites again.”
  • “Coke + MiniFridge Freezer = Morning Mess”
  • “Best Christmas present ever:  Father-in-law just told me he would stay up with the baby”
  • “Hmmm…everyone wants to hold the baby, but no one wants to change her.”
  • “New Rule:  If you’re holding the baby, you’re changing the baby.  No free cuteness”
  • “Had to re-learn how to play the piano…thank goodness for the metronome app.”
  • (In car) “Baby and dog both just farted”
  • “Baby is only talking to my Grandma and for some reason Grandma can hear the baby and not me when I talk”
  • “Price for my mom babysitting a week…letting her show off baby Selah to her entire church.  #totallyworthit”
  • “Old ladies who think they’re whispering in church aren’t really whispering.”
  • “Home again.  Already miss family, but glad to be back in my own bed.”

Among the more troubling revelations I learned at home this Christmas…apparently the woman who my parents let babysit me on occasion kept a snake in her house to eat the mice.  And apparently there was more than one snake.  Very disturbed.  Random thought, but I can’t let it go.