Red Dirt Rebellion

I must admit, my life is pretty tame.  I go to work and enjoy relatively quiet hobbies, but I love meeting people who get me in touch with the more wild side of life.  Enter the girls of the Red Dirt Rebellion.

The Red Dirt Rebellion is Oklahoma’s only all-female, banked-track roller derby league.  If you think you know roller-derby, think again.  This isn’t the staged show that was once popular.  It’s not even the regular roller derby that is starting to make a comeback.  It’s pure adrenaline.

We met Emily Murray at the track.  She goes by Suzi Uzi, like the gun, on the track.  Once the skates go on all these girls take on a different persona and it’s no-holds barred excitement.  You don’t have to be a wild gal to take part, there are nurses, homemakers…even a meteorologist on the track.  Suzi explained how they formed the league and how they built the massive track from the ground up.  An interesting side-note, the track was dismantled as soon as it was built and sent off to a movie set.  The track will be used in an upcoming Drew Barrymore movie called “Whip It,” which is about roller derby.

This was a unique and exciting experience.  If you have never seen roller derby or just want to meet some ladies who play hard and know how to have a good time, I recommend checking them out.

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