The Real Deal

What is it about a police chase that captivates our attention?  High speeds?  The element of danger?  Combine that danger with bigger vehicles and you get a very dangerous situation, but it can also be very exciting.  So when my friend and photojournalist, Ben Latham, told me about a new training track being built to teach police how to stop chases with big rigs I was on board.

We met Greg Couch on his track just outside of El Reno.  Its more than 200 acres of land offering a variety of driving surfaces.  Greg is a reserve sheriff’s deputy and has experience working on oil fields and driving commercial vehicles.  Put all those together and you get this track.  The video opportunities were amazing and Ben shot it so well.  It’s something he was very excited about working on and he did an amazing job putting it together.  I can’t wait until the track is finished and we can go out again and meet the first training class.