Phil’s Videography


This story, featured in the Fox 25 Education Special, showcases not only Phil’s editing abilities, but all the video and interviews from before and after the school day were shot by Phil.  Phil also set up the lighting for the other interviews within the story.  Phil was up before dawn and followed the life of a small school until the Friday night lights went off.

Below you can see the full Fox 25 State of Education special, which has another story shot, written and edited by Phil Cross about what happens when a small town loses its school.


Phil routinely shoots many of his own interviews for his investigative reports.  He also travels with a full set of lights and takes pride in those little touches like depth of field and back lighting that help make an interview subject stand out.  “If you look bad, I look bad,” Phil often tells those who sit down to talk with him.*

*The same deal doesn’t extend when a politician or government official actively works to avoid Phil’s tough questions.