Phil’s Editing

Phil Cross’ Editing Examples:


Special Programming Opens: Produced and Edited by Phil Cross

Also featured in Phil’s Favorite Stories, this series was Phil’s pitch to feature the issues impacting the educational crisis in Oklahoma.  Phil produced the special with the assistance of two other reporters.  The open, bumps and both of Phil’s stories in the special were edited by Phil.

Oklahoma is shaking, but what’s the cause of the quakes?  It was the central question of the Fox 25 Town Hall.  In addition to his in-depth reporting on the topic for stories leading up to the Town Hall, Phil also produced and edited the open to the show and served as the online/social media moderator of the program.

A massive tornado devastated Moore, Oklahoma and other areas in May of 2013.  Fox 25 hosted a town hall for those impacted by the storm and put those who had questions about the response to the storm and the recovery together with the people responsible for leading the state’s response to the storm’s aftermath.  Phil produced the open to the show as well as serving as the online/social media moderator for the Town Hall.

Story Editing