The home appraiser just left.  We’re not selling or moving, just trying to refinance the mortgage.  It’s one of those “I’m a grown up” moments…a chapter in the book of life.  That’s book I think they are supposed to give you when you become an adult; though I think my copy got lost in the mail (probably sitting with the instruction manuals for both of the girls that never arrived either).

One of the first things the appraiser asked was had we made any improvements to the house.  Of course there’s the new HVAC system and the new roof.  We also put in new carpet and new paint when we moved in.  I also did a little demolition before we moved in to remove the traces of the 1970s that were still present in the architectural design of the living room.

Now that the appraiser is gone, I think he missed a few upgrades.

First, this was the obvious one.  It’s right above the fireplace…not sure how he missed it:

First comes love

First comes love


The first thing we did was bring love into a home that had not seen much of it.  Our neighbors are always quick to recall how this home was on the verge of falling down or apart.  The family had split; there were fights and neglect.  I can’t say the house is now immune to fights, but we are doing our best to bring love back inside.  I think that starts with the scripture we have in our dining room.  “Be still and know that I am God…”  We committed our lives, our marriage and this house to God first.  It’s made all of those things more than a contract, but a covenant.  To love, honor and cherish each other and by extension to be thankful for the blessings we’ve been given.




The appraiser also failed to recognize that we also have a rocket ship in our living room, but he walked right by it.

Selah's Rocket Ship

Selah’s Rocket Ship

Selah declared the couch cushion tower her “Rocket Ship.”  That couch also doubles as a trampoline, a car and a great place to hide from monsters.  I’m the one that failed to mention the monster infestation to the appraiser though.  I thought that might drive down the value of the home.  Luckily there were no monsters to be found during the inspection.





Summer lovin' had me a blast

Summer lovin’ had me a blast

This next upgrade was easier to miss.

The backyard swimming pool.   Who wouldn’t want their own beach-front property?  That’s got to raise the value of the home for the Bank right?  Not to mention it comes with it’s own cover girl swimsuit models.  To give the appraiser credit, this pool was temporarily closed (and hidden in a box).  Of course while he was outside he was probably more worried about dodging the curious and ever-friendly basset hound named Precious who wanted to say hello in her own special way.

Maybe I can get him to come back and add these additions into his final report.



Father's Day 2013...counting my blessings

Father’s Day 2013…counting my blessings



You see…I think he missed the biggest improvement of all.  These brick walls, this building is no longer just a house.  It is a home.  A home filled with love, imagination, laughter and most of all the blessings of Christ.  I’m not sure how you calculate all that on some actuarial table.  I’m pretty sure that puts this home’s value somewhere in the billions though.  The joke’s on the county assessor though, he can only raise the value 5% every year.