No Longer Just “Baby”

We are less than 24 hours from finding out the sex of our baby. I am nervous, excited and some other emotions I am not really sure what you would call them.

Finally this will no longer be the baby…this child will be our son or daughter. It makes it all much more real. Not that it is not real, but the kid isn’t growing inside me…it is so hard to fully comprehend what is happening.

I know the science, the reality of it all, I just don’t understand the feelings that are rushing around. I spent much of my life supressing or ignoring feelings and now I am experiencing so many at once. I can only imagine what my beautiful wife is experiencing. All I know is I can’t wait to be able to welcome this new life into the world.

P.S. If anyone is taking bets on the sex of the baby…I get a cut, this kid is going to cost a fortune.