Tears for Haiti

Eric putting gas in a generator.

Eric Lotz, Haiti National Director - Courtesy: Operation Blessing Int'l

I’m not one to be prone to outbursts of emotion.  I don’t cry that often.  I work in news…surrounded by bad news all the time.  It’s often my job to talk to people on the worst day of their life and get them to share how it felt to lose everything.  As a result, I’ve developed a thick skin.  Not much bothers me; I can crack jokes at crime scenes and walk away from horrific scenes without too much trouble.  Tonight I watched a video from Operation Blessing International about their first day on the ground in Haiti.  I cried.

Haiti Quake Response: Day 1 from OB UK on Vimeo.

I’ve seen the pictures and the video coming in from Haiti and it’s horrific. I see the unfiltered, uncensored stuff on the feeds that most TV stations are good enough to edit out.  I don’t cry over that, though my heart does break when I see each new scene of destruction.  It is in this video that I see and hear from Eric Lotz for the first time in months.  I read that he is OK, but to see him surviving and thriving in the middle of one of the worst natural disasters anyone has ever known…well, it was inspiring to say the least.  I cried when Eric said he is now switching from ‘survivor mode’ to rescue worker mode.  I am so proud to have known this man.  I am so proud to call him a friend.  I am so humbled to have been ministered to by such a man of God.