Welcoming a Warrior

This post has been a long time coming…however I suppose it is better late than never.  This was a very interesting story to cover because it had several unique aspects.  I have covered several soldier homecomings and think each welcome home deserves as much coverage as possible.  This wasn’t a group of soldiers, it was a single soldier.  But this was like no homecoming I have ever attended.

Corporal Warren Queton served in the army for a year in Iraq.  He is Native American, so to welcome him home there was a pow wow put on by his family.  These pow wow’s are full of symbolism and we were allowed to witness a lot of ceremonies that are normally closed to the public.  It was one of the most emotional homecomings I have ever witnessed.  I also learned new things about Native American customs and traditions.  Each step, color and movement has a meaning.  I think everyone should explore the tribal traditions.  It is a fascinating history and one worth keeping alive.